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Cabin features

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Our cabins are fully insulated and constructed from plywood which delivers good thermal performance and unlike other materials commonly used to manufacture cabins, minimises condensation. Our plywood cabins look great and are painted in an attractive neutral colour.

The design of our cabin installation equipment is highly maneuverable to assist with positioning our cabins on your property, enabling placement and leveling to suit most sites.

Our cabins are low to the ground so steps are not usually required and they have a low-level wooden deck which also has a verandah over it.

Here are the key specifications you need to know about our cabins:

  • Dimensions – 2.4m x 4.1m (10 sqm).
  • Main features – plywood construction, opening window, large lockable sliding door, durable Coloursteel roof, guttering, and downpipe.
  • Electrics – internal and external lights, two double plugs, switchboard, certified wiring and 10m supply lead suitable for use with a three-pin plug (please enquire if a longer lead is required).
  • Insulation – ceiling, wall, and underfloor insulation.
  • Interior – painted and carpeted. Smoke detector and curtain rails installed.
  • Exterior – painted in a neutral colour, wooden deck and typically no steps are required.

To enquire about a portable cabin for hire in Auckland please contact us.

Reasons to hire a cabin from us in Auckland

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Customers hire cabins from MoreRoom Cabins and Storage for a range of different reasons such as an additional bedroom as families get bigger, relatives move in or children require their own rooms. Our cabins are ideal for these types of situations.

You’ll also find our cabins are suitable if you want additional room for an art studio, hobby room, mancave or shed.

Customers also use our cabins as home offices and we have commercial customers who use our cabins as additional office or as a site office.

Whatever your reason for hiring a cabin you’ll find our cabins are highly versatile while also being low cost to hire. If this sounds like what you are looking for please contact us today.

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About us


We have been providing cabins to Auckland families for over 10 years. We are a family-owned and operated business that is committed to providing the highest standard of service to all our customers whatever your circumstances.

Our expertise, low prices and unique approach make us the ideal choice if you need to hire a cabin.

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